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I entered my bedroom and rushed to the bathroom. Quickly, I undressed by removing my kurta and bra. I started the shower and stood underneath, letting the shower’s cold water pour over my heated body. I could feel my father-in-law’s cum rinsing off my thighs with the water. I realized that my body was still trembling. In a matter of minutes, my whole world had changed.

I had been fucked by my husband’s father. I didn’t know how I would face Adeel tonight. What would I tell him? Could I tell him what his father did to me? I sat on the bathroom floor, folded my leg close to my thighs and rested my head over my knees. Tears began to streak down my eyes. Water from the shower continued drenching my shivering body. I knew that I could not tell Adeel of what had happened with me. I should have told him on the first occasion itself; I cursed myself.

Now he wouldn’t take the news easily. Although he loved me but he would not accept me for fucking his father. No… I wouldn’t tell him. I don’t know how long I stayed there. Finally, I got up, and wiped my face clearing the tears from my eyes. I washed my cunt, then opened the bathroom door and came out. Father-in-law was sitting on the edge of the bed, facing the bathroom. His legs were wide open, and he was sporting another massive erection. In my rush, I had forgotten to lock my room’s door. “You shouldn’t have left,” He smiled lecherously. “I still need you.” Frozen with shock, I stared at him incredulously. “Look,” he pointed toward his hard on, “he’s still hungry.”

Literotica Rishton me Chudai – My Innocent Mother

“No… Not again.” I mumbled. “Please get out.” He didn’t listen to me; rose from his position and came near to me. He grabbed my soaked body in his arms and dragged me to my bed. “No… No…” I resisted. He pushed me on the bed. “I’ll tell Adeel.” I said meekly. “No… won’t.” He began stroking his already rigid cock. “You tell Adeel… and I’ll throw you out.” I looked at him like a terrified kitten. Father-in-law sat on the edge. “You’ll like it Nilu… believe me…you’ll like it.” His voice was suddenly soft. “I’ll make you very happy.”

“No… I can’t do it… please.” I made a meek effort to stop him. “No but…” He gently brushed his hand over my wet bush. “Adeel will never know about it… I promise you.” I didn’t know whether to believe him or not. Father-in-law began rubbing my pussy. His index finger touched my clit, and he brushed it coarsely. I squeezed my thighs. He played with my wet hairy clit, slowly running his fingers up and down. I didn’t want to admit it, but his rough finger felt good over my love bud. His antics slowly tickled some unknown nerves, and my body began to respond to his touch. I could feel a mild wave of pleasure radiating through my loins.

All of a sudden, my cunt lips jerked involuntarily. “You like it Nilu…” Father-in-law whispered his voice hoarse with lust. “I know you like it.” I was sure that his poking fingers must have sensed the twitching in my pussy. My face turned red. I closed my eyes with shame. “Spread your legs.” He said suddenly. I opened my eyes and stared at him. He put his hand over my thigh and pushed. As if, my body accepted his command, my knees fell apart, allowing him full view of my wet pussy. He lustily gazed at my hairy slit while licking his lips. He kept on playing with my clit. With his free hand, he started stroking his bulging cock.

His fingers massaged around my cunt lips and clit; my body began to buck with pleasure. The copious secretion from my cunt began to ooze out, slowly seeping down to my puckered hole. I wanted to stop him… wanted to move his hand off my clit. I realized if he kept rubbing my cunt like that, I would succumb to the pleasure and nothing would stop me from cumming. I was slowly losing my self- control; my body responding more eagerly to his manipulations.

‘Get off you scum’ — I wanted to scream. I opened my lips. All that came out was a loud whimper. “Ahhhhhhh…” I gave a long moan, my body became tense; my body reeled with a mind blowing orgasm. I squeezed my cunt around his finger tightly and went into total spasm. My cunt throbbed and throbbed around his finger, and it inundated his probing digit with a fresh release of my juice. Father-in-law groaned happily. Immediately, he withdrew his finger and moved to between my legs. He positioned himself and grabbed his cock in his fist. I was mesmerized by the purple-colored, bloated cock-head which had a tiny drop of pre-cum at the tip. Again, a silent battle ensued between my mind and body. I wanted to push him off and run away from my room, but my body refused. It stayed motionless… with fear or lust, I didn’t know.

His cock nudged between my cunt lips. Father-in-law slowly pushed his cock into me. “No…” I cried; but my cunt readily accepted the intruding organ. I felt a gentle twinge, a faint memory of our previous fuck, as his cock moved inside my slippery canal. His cock was completely buried in me with one smooth push. I moaned softly as his balls slapped against my ass. He smiled happily, looking at me with his lust filled eyes. “You like it darling… you like it.” He began fucking me with long strokes. I lay beneath him silently, receiving his gigantic cock in and out of my pussy. Within a span of thirty minutes, I was getting fucked for the second time by my father-in-law. My own response was completely different from the first time. My cunt was responding very eagerly. It lapped his every stroke, sucking his cock into its ravenous depth.

Literotica Rishton me Chudai – Nazma’s family fuck festival

“Nilu…” He spoke hoarsely. “Yes…”

“You like my cock inside your cunt… don’t you.”

“No… ahhh… ahhh…” My mind was reeling with pleasure, but I was not ready to accept it yet. He was my rapist. I didn’t do it willingly; he forced me to do it. However, my own body refused to accept my logic– it reeled and bucked with pleasure. He groaned. Grabbing my legs, he lifted them high in the air, and began fucking harder. In and out, in and out… his massive cock bore into my pussy, making it beg for more. With every stroke, he pushed deeper and deeper; his balls slapped noisily against my ass. I didn’t realize when I started moaning. Father-in-law pumped harder and harder. My pussy clutched tightly around his shaft. He was panting with the effort.

I thirstily waited for him to erupt inside me again. Moments later, he reached his climax. He rammed his cock inside for the final time. His spitting cock pumped hot cum deep into my pussy. It drove me over the edge. I dug my fingers into the material of bed sheet to prevent me fainting with rapture. He emptied his balls deep, then slowly got off me. His cum began to ooze out of my freshly fucked pussy. I didn’t move, closed my eyes and enjoyed the blissful moment. When I opened my eyes, father-in-law was sitting on the edge of my bed. His hands were on my naked thighs. He was gently stroking them. He looked at me and smiled. “Don’t say anything to Adeel.” He was smiling, but the threat was very clear. “I’ll make you very happy.”

I gave him a delirious look, but didn’t speak. He got up, gave a final pat to my naked thigh and went out of the room. He didn’t even close the door behind him. I watched him going, suddenly realizing that my bed was soaked because when he dragged me to bed, I was fresh out of the shower. I didn’t feel any hurry. I just lay there, feeling his hot cum oozing out of my pussy, dribbling down to my ass and then to the bed underneath. I realized that I would never be able to tell the truth to Adeel. I had enjoyed my second fuck with my father-in-law. My cunt was sore when I went to my bedroom that night. Adeel arrived early that evening.

I served dinner to them– Adeel, his father and the kids. Father-in-law was very talkative. He joked with the kids and discussed business with Adeel. He even advised him to bring some gift for me the next day. During dinner, I avoided going out to the veranda and stayed mostly in the safety of my kitchen. I was afraid to face my husband in front of his father. I was worried that he would read on my face what had transpired between his father and me during the day. The kids were already asleep when I entered my bedroom. Adeel was awake–waiting for me. I avoided eye contact, turned off the lights and silently slipped into the bed beside him.

I lay with my back toward him. I felt his hand over me, and he pulled me into his arms. “No… Not today… I’m tired.” I told him. He didn’t seem to listen. His hands began to explore my private parts, and he began to strip me. I had no courage to stop him. I lay there silently letting him remove my clothes.

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