Husband watches wife making love to her younger brother

“Nikhil…I think it’s the delivery guy,” said Ananya, as the doorbell rang.
I opened the door and received the package. I’d been eagerly awaiting this particular item. Opening it, I removed the sealed box from inside. It was a small pocket-sized vibrator that I’d ordered online for my wife.
“It’s so small and discreet! I like it,” she said, as I showed it to her.
“Can’t wait to use it on you.” I grinned.
“You may get your chance tonight, mister.”
Ananya and I have been married for two years now. I am 27 years old, working as an architect in Mumbai. Ananya is 25 and works as an interior designer. We met three years earlier through mutual friends and decided to get married after a year of courtship.
We’ve been truly blessed with a wonderful marital and sex life. We both love one another deeply and understand each other. Both of us have a healthy sexual appetite. We are open with each other about our sexual needs and strive to bring the utmost pleasure to one another.
There was one part of me, though, that she didn’t know about. I am obsessed with Incest. I always read incest stories and watched incest porn during masturbation. I also loved reading about incest in human history as was practiced in ancient times, long lost civilizations and royal families. It’s scandalous, forbidden and taboo nature titillates me to no end.
My obsession with incest had gradually led me to fantasize about my own mother. Those fantasies mostly involved me and mama pleasuring each other using our hands and mouth, while sometimes going all the way and making love. Of-course, making a move and trying to materialize my fantasy had been unthinkable for me.
I had kept my fantasies a secret from Ananya, even though she is quite open and adventurous about anything sexual. I wasn’t sure how she would react to incest. So, it was a surprise when one night, she mentioned it herself.
We were on the living room sofa, curled up in each other’s arms, watching a movie. There was a sensual scene going on, between a young man and a mature woman, which I was enjoying immensely.
“They look so similar. She is old enough to be his mother, don’t you think? It’s almost like incest.”
I feigned ignorance. “Incest? What’s that?”
“Sexual relationship between family members. Never heard of it?”
“Oh! People do something like that?”
“May be. Could be just a fantasy. For some, it may be a real.”
Her fingers closed around my erection which was poking through my shorts. She gave it a gentle squeeze and continued to watch the movie.
I was secretly thrilled that not only my wife knew about incest but also, didn’t seem to feel repulsed by it. I hatched a plan to know more about her views on the topic and maybe get her interested enough to share my fantasies with her.
Next evening, during dinner, I said, “You mentioned “incest” last night. I searched it on the internet today. There’s a whole lot of erotic stories and porn about it.”
“Oh! I had no idea.”
“I read few of them out of curiosity. Some were quite well written. We could read them tonight if you like.”
“Yeah, that sounds fun.”
Once we retired to the bedroom, I brought up the 4 stories I had saved on my phone. These were my all-time favorites. I had read them so many times that I had almost memorized each and every word. I wanted to see Ananya’s reactions to them. We went through the stories together, reading silently. Once in a while, she would appreciate some particularly well written sections while chuckling at the some of the ridiculous, over the top, ones.
Once we completed, she said, “Wow! Those were really erotic. What else did you find? I see all these stories mostly feature mothers and sons.”
“Yeah, there were others involving father-daughter and brother-sister. I didn’t get the time to go through them. I’ll send you the links to these sites; see if you can pick out some good ones.”
Over the next few days, Ananya and I read many incest stories on our own on the internet and sent the ones we liked to each other. I mostly picked out the stories featuring mothers and sons while her selections were more varied.
On Saturday night, I decided to take it further. “I found this old porn movie called Taboo. I read it was the first major adult movie with an incest story-line. It’s considered a classic.”
“Let’s watch it then.” Ananya sounded excited.
I started playing the movie on TV. She switched off the lights. We cuddled on the living room sofa as the movie progressed. I had of-course watched it many times before, so once again I wanted only to note her reactions.
At one point in the movie, she said, “I like how these female actors look like regular women with natural breasts and pubic hair. I hate how the modern porn stars look.”
During the iconic incest scene of the movie, she remarked, “That hesitation and reluctance from the mother was well done.”
Throughout the later part of the movie, I was aroused as I fondled Ananya’s breasts over her nightgown while she caressed my hard cock over my shorts. By the end of the movie, I was squirming for relief. Once the movie ended, she switched off the TV.
Removing my shorts, she gripped my cock and said, “My poor baby! Let mama take care of this for you. Now be a good boy and go sit on the stool.”
I was surprised by the sudden change in my wife but went with the flow. We have a favorite cushioned stool that we have used numerous times earlier during foreplay. I removed my T-shirt as well. Fully naked, I got comfortably seated on the stool with my legs spread out on either side. My cock was hard and pointed towards the ceiling.
Ananya quickly returned from the bedroom with a bottle of baby oil and poured a generous amount on my erection. Standing in front of me, she gripped my cock with one hand and cupped my balls with the other. She massaged and spread the slick baby oil throughout my groin.
She whispered seductively in my ears, “Mama will take care of you. Just relax and let mama pleasure you.”
As Ananya’s hands stroked my cock and fondled my balls, I relaxed, closed my eyes and fantasized about my mother. She moved beside me and stroked my cock faster up and down.
I couldn’t stop myself from moaning. “Oh mama! Yeah, just like that.”
“Yes baby, cum for mama! Shoot it all out!”
My cock exploded, shooting jets of semen across the floor. Ananya continued stroking me slowly until my ejaculation stopped. Even after that, my cock stayed mostly hard.
“Oh wow! Where did all that come from! I’ve never felt you that hard before or cum so much,” she said, a sense of wonder on her face. “And you’re still hard! Would you like mama to continue?”
I nodded, yes.
Ananya took off her nightgown and got naked. She spread out a yoga mat on the floor and asked me to lie down on my back. Sitting next to me, cross legged, she started caressing my semi-hard cock.
“That feels so good!” I sighed.
“Tell me baby, tell mama all your fantasies. Don’t be shy.”
I finally confessed to my wife about my incestuous fantasies.
“Then I had guessed it right.”
“Does it bother you?”
“Does it look like it bothers me?” She grinned, pointing towards my cock in her hands. “How did you start fantasizing about mama?”
“I’d accidentally found an erotica in my parents’ bedroom, shortly after my 18th birthday, while they were out of town. It was a collection of sexual fantasies and actual experiences of real individuals. There was one section of the book dedicated to incest which immediately fascinated me.
“One particular real-life account, in the book, had been from this guy, who had an incestuous relationship with his mother when he was young. It had started with his mother giving him regular handjobs at night to help him sleep better. It had then progressed to him getting in bed with her and pleasuring each other orally.”
My cock was now fully erect under Ananya’s expert fingers as I remembered those pages.
“That story became the foundation of my fantasies about mama. Many nights I would lay awake in bed, imagining her coming into my room and giving me a handjob to help me sleep.”
Ananya continued to stroke me slowly, focusing on the sensitive cock head and massaging my perineum.
“Faster,” I requested.
I moaned and groaned as Ananya’s hands sped up. My abs and butt started contracting as I inched closer. I saw stars as my second orgasm hit me hard. I didn’t ejaculate much but the climax was earth shattering. All spent, I relaxed back onto the yoga mat and closed my eyes, enjoying the post orgasmic bliss. Ananya gave a gentle squeeze to my cock and kissed me on the lips.
“Oh! That was awesome! Thanks honey!”
“I am so happy you confided your fantasies in me. It was beautiful.”
“Feels good to finally share it with you.”
Few days later, Ananya informed me that her brother, Ayush, would be visiting us during the weekend. Ayush is two years younger to her and lived with his parents in their country-side estate on the outskirts of Pune. Having recently completed his studies, he helped his father in their family business. He was a good lad and we got along really well.
Hearing about him, I smiled to myself. “You know, when I read some of the father-daughter and brother-sister stories you’d sent me, I fantasized you with your daddy or with Ayush.”
Ananya laughed. “You pervert!”
“Well, you know how my devilish mind works.”
“So, the thought of me having sex with another man excites you?”
“Not just any man. I can’t imagine you with anyone else. But daddy or Ayush…they’re family. And it’s just a fantasy after all.”
“Did you ever think of the possibility of having something like that with mama in real life?”
“I don’t know. It has always been this impossible fantasy for me.”
“But suppose you’d gotten some signs from her or she’d made the first move. Would you have gone for it?”
“I guess, yeah.”
Ayush arrived on Friday evening. The three of us had a fun dinner that night; lot of talks and laughter. Ayush retired to the guest room as I and Ananya got into our bedroom.
When we got into the bed, I wanted to try out something. I played with my wife’s pussy using the new pocket vibrator. She lay on the bed, squirming with pleasure as I rubbed the tiny vibrator across her labia.
She held me close and kissed my lips. “That feels so good. Give me a finger.”
I obliged by licking my middle finger and slowly wiggling it into her moist pussy. I gently fingered her while softly rubbing her clit with the vibrator. Her moans became louder.
“I wonder if Ayush can hear you. Would he get aroused listening to his sister’s moans?” I whispered into her ears.
I added my ring finger too in her pussy. She was soaking wet and my two fingers easily slid in. She clutched my shoulder tightly and I knew she was getting close.
I teased her again. “Imagine Ayush pulling out his hard, erect cock from his shorts and stroking it now, as he listens to your moans.”
I moved my fingers in and out of her pussy with the vibrator moving across her clitoral hood. “Would you like these to be replaced with Ayush’s fingers? Or better yet, with his hard pulsating cock?”
Ananya cried out and gripped my shoulder tightly as she climaxed. She shuddered as she rode her orgasmic wave. After few seconds her clit became too sensitive and she put her hand on mine indicating to stop. I switched off the vibrator but kept my fingers buried in her pussy which was quivering and flooded with her juices. She kissed my lips passionately as she came back to Earth.
My goal had been to find out if my wife would be aroused at the thought of her younger brother. Based on her physical reactions and the intensity of her orgasm, she definitely did. I also wondered, if I had succeeded in planting the seeds of incestuous fantasy in her mind, as we fell asleep.
Next evening, after dinner, Ananya and Ayush stayed in the living room, watching TV, while I got into bed. Sometime later, she came into the bedroom.
“Nikhil, I need to show you something.” She was acting strangely coy, trembling slightly and biting her lower lip. “Come to the guest room door after few minutes,” she said and left.
Around ten minutes later, I left the bedroom and walked across the dining hall towards the guest room, wondering what Ananya wanted to show me. The guest room door was slightly ajar. It was mostly dark inside, except for the faint light coming from the bedside lamp. I saw Ayush sitting on a chair with his back towards me. I could only see him from a rear three-quarter angle, his form mostly hidden in shadows. It looked to me as if he wasn’t wearing any clothes. His head was leaned back and his face pointed up towards the ceiling. His eyes were closed, mouth slightly open and both his hands were lost in the shadows near his crotch. He was groaning quietly and seemed to be jacking off.
I paused. I was violating the lad’s privacy, so, started to quietly back away from the door. That’s when Ayush grunted, “Oh didi. Your mouth feels so good!”
It was followed by a cute little moan that I had heard multiple times in bed. I froze in place, wondering if I had heard that right. I heard the moan again; it was definitely Ananya. I moved closer to the door, almost touching it, and peered inside the room.
As my eyes adjusted to the faint light, I saw Ananya kneeling between Ayush’s legs, her hands on his thighs and her face lost in the shadows near his groin. She was mostly hidden from view. Ayush’s hands rested on her head, his fingers caressing her hair.
Realization hit me. My wife was giving her younger brother, a blowjob!
I withdrew from the door and leaned against the wall, my heart and mind racing. What was I seeing? My lovely wife getting physically intimate with her own brother? Did I get her so excited that she had decided to make a move for real?
My mind was full of questions, but my incestuous fantasies and curiosity took hold of me. I peered into the room again.
From the movements, it definitely seemed like Ananya was bobbing her head slowly up and down Ayush’s cock. Her hands roamed over his thighs and moved to his butt, squeezing them. Ayush let out another groan. I opened the fly of my shorts, pulled out my own erection and played with myself as I watched this erotic incestuous act in front of me.
Ananya straightened up and I could see her clearly in the faint light. Her nightgown was undone at the front. The upper and inner portions of her lovely breasts were tantalizingly displayed while the rest hidden in the folds of the fabric. Ayush leaned forward and kissed her on the lips, while his hands disappeared into her nightgown, no doubt fondling her breasts. She moaned again as she kissed her brother’s lips passionately.
Ayush leaned back on the chair once more as his sister’s hands fondled his cock and balls. She smiled at him and glanced then towards the door, catching me standing there with my hard cock in my hand. As our eyes met, I stopped caressing my cock and froze; unsure how to react. She arched her eyebrows and gave me a naughty smile. Her face disappeared again as she went back to sucking her brother’s cock.
My brother-in-law moaned and leaned his head back again in pleasure. I was well aware of the sensations he must be feeling. My wife loved to suck my cock during sex and her warm mouth and wet tongue are magical. Pre-cum oozed out of my cock.
“I am close,” said Ayush. He gripped arms of the chair tightly and spread his legs wider, tightening his thighs. Ananya bobbed her head up and down faster. With a loud grunt, my brother-in-law climaxed. My wife straightened up and came back into my view, her hands jacking off her brother’s cock as he started to cum.
The first spurt hit her chin with force and she jerked back, squealing in surprise. The next few spurts splashed across her neck and chest and started flowing down between her breasts. She continued milking her brother’s cock, staying with him throughout his explosive orgasm. His ejaculation finally reduced to a dribble. She gave his cock a final squeeze, extracting the few drops of seminal fluid oozing out. He collapsed on the chair.
“Holy shit!” Ananya exclaimed as she struggled to wipe off the cum, flowing down her body, with paper towels. She laughed and said, “Wow! Since when were you saving this?”
“Ten days,” Ayush replied, smiling.
Ananya smiled and shook her head in mock disbelief. “Idiot!” She got on her feet and playfully hit her brother’s head. “Now clean up this mess on the floor and the chair,” she said, ordering her younger brother. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they had moved from an extremely sexual setting back to being normal siblings.
I quietly went back to the bedroom, my hard cock pointing the way. Few minutes later, Ananya returned. Before I could say anything, she pulled my shorts off me urgently and pushed me on to the bed. Her nightgown hit the floor and she was on top of me in a flash.
“I need your cock in me now”. She was hungry for sex.
Taking my erection in her hand, she fed it into her pussy lips and lowered herself onto it. We both moaned as my cock easily slid into her wet pussy. She proceeded to ride me to both our orgasms. Once we climaxed, she collapsed on top of me with my cock still lodged in her.
As I opened my mouth to speak, she placed a finger on my lips and said, “I promise we’ll talk tomorrow. Let me just enjoy this moment for now.” She kissed me and went to sleep in my warm embrace.
Next morning, I woke up to the aroma of fresh coffee. I opened my eyes to see Ananya with two steaming mugs by the bedside. I accepted a mug from her as she sat next to me sipping hot coffee.
“Where’s Ayush?”
“He went out to meet his friends. Won’t be back till evening.”
“So… shall we talk about last night?”
“How much did you see?”
“The whole thing. Till the very end.”
She blushed. “You are not mad at me, are you?”
“Are you kidding? I absolutely loved it. It was beautiful. I am guessing this wasn’t the first time for you guys.”
She nodded.
I sat up with the coffee mug in hand. “Since when? How did it start?”
She was silent for few moments, staring out the window. “I am going to share my family’s biggest secret with you. It may sound outlandish, but please hear it with an open mind. You’ve seen the Ashoka tree at daddy’s estate, right?”
I nodded, yes. The majestic Ashoka tree, with its beautiful red flowers, was the center point of my father-in-law’s estate. It was revered in Ananya’s family and treated with reverence. The area surrounding the tree had been beautifully landscaped into a small garden. I loved to visit it whenever I visited my in-laws.
She continued, “There’s a divine presence within the tree, who my family secretly worships. She protects us from mis-fortune and brings us prosperity. As part of the worship ritual, we offer Her our incestuous love as obeisance, as did my ancestors.”
“What do you mean?”
Ananya looked into my eyes and said, “The ritual can only be performed by a parent and child. I and daddy; Ayush and mummy; we take turns to worship the divine spirit. And while doing so, we make love to each other.”
My eyes went wide with shock and disbelief. Here I was, secretly carrying on incest fantasies about my mother, and there was my wife with her whole incestuous family! Images of Ananya with my father-in-law, and Ayush with my mother-in-law, embraced in passionate love-making, swirled in my mind.
“Who is this divine spirit? I haven’t heard of any such deity or worship ritual in Hinduism.”

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