Swapped Desi wife with my friend & his sister

Swapped Desi wife with my friend and his sister – Desi wife swapping sex stories

Hi Sameer here!. This is the story when we were in Visakhapatnam, which is based on our true experiences that happened recently. One of my old couple friend Roy from Kolkata have ringed me and informed me that he is coming to stay with us for five days. We are very good close friends and we have already swapped with them so many times previously .

So we hope Roy would come with his wife and we would have good time with them. On the scheduled day when he reached with his sister in our quarter in morning, my wife Sheetal and me became little offset. But we managed to it and welcome them gladly.In morning Roy and his sister Shilpa had gone on some work. After return from there Roy had gone to his head office which situated in Visakhapatnam for complying some of his old official pending works and Shilpa was staying at our quarter rest of the day..

Shilpa had tried to help my wife Sheetal in kitchen and look after the household work, so that Sheetal would get times and then they would some charts. Now about Shilpa.She was about 25, fair colour, 5’5” ht., long black hair with nice sexy Black eyes. She was on slim side with 50 kg weight, and 36-26-38 body statistics. She looked quite sexy and I had often fantasized of fucking her. I even told Sheetal about this and she laughed; “Oh Sameer! You dirty old man! Want to fuck that girl? Oh how it’s possible? She is your friend’s sister! But I don’t mind if you seduce her. In fact I want to see Shilpa under you with your rod in her pussy! Go on seduce her and I won’t mind”; Sheetal was really broadminded and so I started my seduction. I praised Shilpa on every occasion I got for her looks and even her assets. Women, especially younger ladies love this. Shilpa called me Bhaiya and loved the way I treated her. As I was like a member of her family, all of her family spoke freely with me and Shilpa was no exception.

One day I asked her about her personal life, “hey Shilpa! You must have many boys running after you with those assets and your looks.” Shilpa replied me slyly, “Oh Sameer Bhaiya! Yes to be frank with you. But I don’t like the way they behave with me, childish and irritating. I love mature males but found none among them. All they talk about new films and songs ;I said, “So you don’t like the kids! Do you like to talk with me? Go on don’t feel shy;” Shilpa told “No Bhaiya! In fact I love talking to you. You are so mature and talk so nicely;” So I had something that was appreciated by Shilpa. So we used to talk about all the topics and mainly about life. The truths of life. Well that’s different topic. So let me come to the point.

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